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MDWS Tactical Throwing Rock


The MDWS Tactical Throwing Rock was designed to offer exceptional performance with unprecedented reliability. The MDWS Tactical Throwing Rock, or “TTR”, provides users with built-in SAFETY options (Don’t throw it until ready or drop it on your toe), DURABILITY (Don’t throw it at anything harder than it), RELIABILITY (it’s a rock, no moving parts), and PERFORMANCE (it hurts if you get hit by it).  MDWS is NOT responsible for misuse of the TTR, nor does it warranty this item in any way. All sales of TTR’s are final. Your TTR may vary from the one pictured… they’re rocks, and like snowflakes, and unicorns, they’re all different. We would like to offer a “high-capacity” version of the TTR (several rocks in a box), but with all of the goofy laws it is too hard to tell which States we can or can’t send them to. Therefore, (1) rock is included per order. For an additional $20.00, we can attach a 2″ section of Picatinny rail to your TTR so that you can attach a flashlight, laser, or any other tacticool device as you see fit. Please contact us to special order.  WARNING: Misuse of the TTR may result in injury or death. Or, a broken window, etc. Do NOT throw the TTR at anything you do not intend to destroy. (If you really buy one of these, it just goes to supporting the company/site. Yes, it’s just a rock).

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